Mobile or Card Payments on all Laundry Machines

Accept instant mobile or card payments on any brand of laundry machine, old or new, using Paypont’s industry leading technology. No account setups, lock in contracts or complex install – all our solutions are plug’n’play and wireless. Going Cashless has never been so easy!



Paypont Cashless Features
With features out of the box like these, you're in good hands

An affordable solution finally within reach to the average laundromat owner.

No Contract

No lock in contracts, simply pay as you go.

No Account Setup Required

A new customer can pay for their wash the instant they walk in, no account setups required... just Select, Pay, Start - 3 easy steps.

Reduce Vandalism

By going Cashless you can reduce theft and vandalism.

Customer Loyalty

A happy customer is a loyal customer. Customers pay using payment methods they use everywhere else in their day to day lives.

Remote Start

Remotely start any machine from anywhere around the world from your mobile phone - great for handling customer issues.


Plug'n'play and completely wireless! No invasive installation or complex wiring to deal with.


Bank grade security. No credit card data is stored.


Accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discovery.... and of course continue to accept coin as well.

Select... Pay... Start.... it's that easy!

A customer in your store can credit a machine the minute they walk in.  There are no app downloads, no account setups, and no clunky bluetooth pairing to worry about.. just Select, Pay, Start and they’ve credited their machine using Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery.

Mobile features at a glance
Custom Messages

Want to remind customers that you now accept Visa and Mastercard, or that there is a coffee shop next door? You can with customised messages unique for your store.

Vend Amount

It’s easy to pay with a mix of coin and cashless, and selecting the washer or dryer from your fleet of machines is a breeze.

Instant Payments

Customers can pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal, the minute they walk into your store.

Branded Store

With a fully customisable online Storefront, where you can load your own logo image, link to your home page, FAQ’s, tappable phone and email buttons. Customers will appreciate the user friendly design and simplicity.

Variable Pricing

Your customers can choose how much to pay for dryers. You can also choose to apply discounts or transaction fees at machine or store level. All these settings are fully customisable and can be changed at any time.

Kiosk features at a glance

Credit any machine in your store with just one Kiosk (multiple kiosk solutions can also be purchased for the same store).


Kiosk Hardware/Software Inclusions: Embed Paywave Reader, Hardened moulding, Commercial-grade Screen Protector, wall mount bracket, with automatic free updates over the air.

Tap'n'go & Chip Insert

Accept Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Google Pay and Apple Pay, with the convenience of Tap'n'go or chip insert.

Customers love it!
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  • CheckPay by Mobile
  • CheckNo App Download
  • CheckNo Account Setup
  • CheckGoogle Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal

  • CheckPay with Tap'n'go
  • CheckGet Mobile Pay for free
  • CheckGoogle Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Mastercard, Amex, Visa
  • CheckPurchase one or more per store
  • CheckOne kiosk can service many machines
Remote Start

  • CheckRemote Start any machine in your store and authorise others.
  • CheckFull Reporting and Tracking
CashTrack (Optional)

  • CheckTrack coin payments in each machine
  • CheckGreat for holiday parks, hotels and motels where 3rd parties collect coins
  • CheckGreat for profit sharing arrangements / route operators

When purchasing kiosk, you will receive mobile as a free inclusion, which means customers can choose to pay using kiosk or mobile

Paypont Cashless Solutions



Payment options

Debit/Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal.

No account setup required, wallet option also available.

Mostly closed loop cards (requiring a special machine to load credit and associated steps to manage).


Free! Does not cost extra.

No need for a plastic loyalty card, customers are identified intelligently when they make a payment. Reward them with 10th wash free, a percent or dollar discount.

Some loyalty programs require a plastic card, and a special machine to apply the loyalty discounts to the card. This can be expensive for a service that the store owner will be giving away at a discount or even free.

Installation Effort

Completely wireless and plug’n’play, easy install within minutes.

Extensive cabling and long installs.

Reduce vandalism

Reduce/eliminate vandalism by reducing the volume of cash in your store.

Some solutions simply shift the coin collection from the individual washer/dryers to a single kiosk machine. These machines are simply targeted instead.

Customer friendly

Customers can make a payment the minute they walk in. No loading of credit, no app downloads, or complicated wallet systems – just walk in, make a payment and start your wash.

Watch out for friction – customers hate it. Setting up accounts, crediting a special wallets, plastic cards – these are all pain-points customers dislike.

Mix different brands

Yes. Add any combination of machine brands and have them all function seamlessly together.

Some solutions will only allow the same brands of machine to be connected to the platform.

Accept all cashless/coin/token combinations

Pay by mobile, coin or token…. or any combination of these.

Closed loop solutions can lock store owners into distributing plastic cards, or tokens only, with no other way for customers to start machines – and instead of adding more payment options, customers options have been reduced.

Pay as you go

Low upfront costs, and simple Pay as you go subscription. No contracts and no cancellation fees.

Watch out for high upfront costs.

Pay by mobile

Yes. Pay conveniently using your mobile. No account setups, and no apps to download. The mobile solutions looks and feels like an app, but there is no 70mb download. Customers love it!

Some may – but do they do it right? Are customers left downloading a 70mb app, having to setup an account, or load credit into a wallet, just to make a payment to a laundry they may visit only once.

Cost effective

The cost is as little as one wash cycle per month, per machine.

Low upfront costs.

Some solutions may appear cost effective, but when it comes time to install and cables need to be run, costs can start to mount. Keep a close eye on hidden costs.

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